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Who Needs This Product

  • You're tired of wondering where your money is going every month
  • You don't have enough money to do the things you want
  • You're having trouble paying off debt or saving for retirement
  • You've lost a job and/or are trying to get by on less income
  • You can't seem to get ahead
  • Questions or disagreements about spending are affecting your relationships and/or the stress in your life.

Features of the Quick & Easy Budget Kit

  • Create a realistic, personalized budget in 4 easy steps using the CD or workbook
  • Understand where your money is really going
  • Cut 20% from your spending - without sacrifice!
  • Free up money to pay off debt or save for retirement
  • Learn simple ways to save thousands today
  • Create multiple budgets - allow family members to create their own using the CD

Additional Benefits include:

  • Gain control of your spending
  • Stop spending more than you are earning
  • Learn how much you can really cut from expenses
  • See how your spending compares with other Americans
  • Get concrete tips on making your dollars go farther
  • And much more...

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