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Who Needs This Product

  • You have poor or no credit
  • You've been denied credit, such as a loan, credit card, even an apartment
  • You need to establish credit after a divorce or bankruptcy
  • You're not getting the best interest rates possible on mortgages and other loans

Features of the Credit Kit

With advice from nationally recognized financial commentator Jennifer Openshaw -- known to millions through her appearances on Oprah, Dr. Phil, and CNN -- 4 Steps to Great Credit will help you take control of your credit and build your financial future.

  • Follow Jennifer's easy 4-step program to build triple-A credit
  • Reap the rewards of lower interest rates, improved insurance coverage, and maybe even a better job!
  • Get and correct your credit reports. Warning: 80% of credit reports have errors.
  • Find out if you have too much debt and what to do
  • Deal effectively with lenders and creditors
  • Monitor and avoid identity theft
  • With advice from Jennifer Openshaw, host of ABC Radio's "Winning Advice"

Includes :

  • Workbook (PDF) with worksheets and resources
  • Over 20 model letters (in Word) - just edit, print and mail them to fix your credit
  • Sample credit reports from all three credit bureaus with easy explanations
  • Links to purchase credit reports and/or scores

Additional Features

  • Learn what goes into your credit report and how it's used to set interest rates on your loans and credit cards
  • Learn how to get, read and correct your credit report.
  • Find out what your credit score is and how it stacks up
  • Learn what you can do immediately to improve your credit score
  • Find out how much you can save on future loans by improving your credit score
  • Determine if you have too much debt and whether it's lowering your credit
  • See how employers use credit rankings to make hiring decisions
  • Get strategies for negotiating with creditors and coming out a winner
  • Learn ways to prevent, detect and crack down on identity theft - find out what services are available to you for FREE
  • Access over 20 easy-to-use model letters for dealing effectively with credit bureaus and creditors. Just fill in the blanks and mail to start improving your credit today.
  • Learn the five common myths about improving your credit
  • Learn how to choose a credit counseling organization
  • Get help with special situations, including establishing credit for the first time, credit after a divorce, and managing a job loss

Our Guarantee

If you have not been able to improve your credit using the Quick & Easy Credit Kit within three months of purchase, simply email us at and we'll gladly refund you. You must include a copy of your credit report or credit score before and after you've followed the steps outlined in this kit.

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Customer Comments


Kristine Burns
School Teacher
Seen on Dr. Phil with Jennifer

"I'm speechless! I had $40,000 in debt and bad credit. It was Jennifer who got me out of debt, fixed my credit, and saved me thousands of dollars! I'm so excited I've told all my friends. "